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Our Mission

Rest Your Paws Pet Refuge Inc was founded in 2018 by Tracey Raker. Our mission is to keep pets out of kill shelters and into the right home! Not only do we believe that one person can save a dog's life, but that every single dog has the possibility to change someone's life for the better.


We are located at 43 N Cleveland St. Quincy, Florida, so if you'd like to come in and check out our adoptable/foster pets, give us a call and we can match you with the perfect new best friend!


In just one calendar year, we can average an intake of over 1,500 dogs and cats. Due to the fact that many of them come from a hard past, it's likely animals will come in either sick, injured, or needing medical care. These bills only grow higher and higher, so please consider donating to help us give these animals the care they need!


As much as we love the see their smiling faces every day, no animal deserves to grow up without a home. Our foster program ensures that many of our animals have the experience of tender love and care in a temporary home before finding their furever home!


If you're interested in volunteering at our rescue, please fill out our volunteer form! Every helping hand makes such a huge difference!  

Check Out Our Adoptable Animals!


Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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